Successfully launched JS Cruise line year 2011-12
Turn it to a franchise and became the wealthiest men in the world.
  • The 250,000
    credit establishment
    Jejuan Sims was a credit millionaire before he reach the rich n fame.
  • Jejuan Sims
    made it
    to the Rich N' Fame
    After celebrity endorsements and successfully lauching 2 companies and 1 fund. Jejuan Sims finally reaches the Rich n' Fame.
  • Do you
    believe in
    The media ask Jejuan Sims.."what does transformation does for the country?" It helps america overcome its enemy. Remove past tense and america moves on to be strongest nation in the world. Once I make this amendment into the u.s constuition Dr martin martin luther king is forgiven and all men and women would be able to survive.
  • Jejuan Sims
    humanity proposal in the U.S
    Jejuan Sims says" It dosen't matter who be the president after the 2012 election. My company franchises and fund is going to improve the U.S by 98%. 2% of the popluation should be unemployed and should stick government funding resources. Americans that are sick and disabled, and americians that are elderly and consider seniors.
  • Jejuan Sims
    tries to fix
    broken love life
    He became a better men in life and is now living happily ever after.


Historical leadership
Jejuan Sims successfully launch his company from the ground up and turn into a muti billion dollar franchise. He is founder of the muti million dollar traveler's choice relieve fund, owner of traveler's association and JS Cruiseline. He bought into other big major franchises like mc donald's, burger king, cafe smoothies, taco bell, Tgi friday's, St. joseph hospital, Arby's, 7/11 stores, shell, Buffalo wild wings,wing house, Burger king, Nordstrom cafe bistro, Dunkin donuts, white castle, KFC, Church's, Popeye's, Basket Robbins, Subway, Pizza fusion, he invented and launch into owning his own restaurant (lil juan's) and expanded 4.8 million locations. The president of 5wpr introduce him into his partner. His partner a 20 year media relations vetran introduce him to many celebrities including Tia Carrare. Tia agreed on Endorsement and Jejuan Sims became famous. Tia Carrare done the first product launch of Traveler's choice and JS Cruiseline grew into 1.4 trillion in profit. JS Cruiseline became the first company ever from start-up early stage to expand into a trillion dollars. Jejuan Sims became visa entrepreneur of the year. According to Governor Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama both parties argeed 12 million to be employed by the year 2016. But Ceo/Owner Jejuan Sims got to work and employed 25 million the following year under JS Cruiseline

Jejuan's Mission

Jejuan Sims visional mission goes far out from restoring the country to helping millions of american families reach job stabilty. His plans is to also transfermate america and address to all countries world freedom. If any men or women belive in murdering another american. The same should be transfermated to another county's trial jurdiction and family shall be sent a letter to return in citizenship license and remove from country.


Jejuan Sims annnouces Non profit strategy
13 October, 2012
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JS Cruiseline Inc. Announces Plans to Raise $42.5 Million in Sponsorship
11 September, 2012
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JS Cruiseline Inc. Offers Rewards Program for Both Business and Leisure Travelers
1 Augest, 2012
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JS Cruiseline Inc. Announces Plans to Raise $42.5 Million in Sponsorship
11 September, 2012
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